Kung Fu Fighters builds, empire online

Cots_8's BH KF BUILD

Written by Cotsy8.

Speed: 1500 - This exactly what you should aim for as a BH KF most BH will be around 1400-1600 speed. If you want more speed chose a red camel and socket speed/agi gems.

Melee: 14500 - I currently have TT spirit lvl2, boxing lvl2, and a red hare which greatly helps. 14500 melee is on the low end of most BH KF build but I have yet to strengthen my Ire or upgrade my enchantments.

Physical Hit: 261 - Slightly above average and will increase when I use proficiency enchantment. I also use level 20 precision strike auto which provides +111 phit and lasts 3 rounds.



Weapon Master 11 - manditory

Speed of Flurry 7 - you can chose to go any number of ways including speed, hp, mp

Braveheart 20 - manditory

Boxing 21 - manditory

Wind Walker 21 - manditory for AGI builds and highly suggested for all KF builds

Tai Chi 20 - manditory

Power of Sun 21 - manditory, I suggest having at least 2 equip socketed to aid %hp effect

Eagle's Eye 21 - manditory

Mystery 8 - suggested at lvl 8 for SP vs. MP

Battle Mage 3 - provides some minor MP

Panther's Speed 20 - not recommended this high, waste of SP past 16

Lightning Reflexes 20 - not recommended this high, waste of SP past 16

Life Deal 7 - I would recommend lvl1 as a good use of SP

Mana Trading 7 - 7 and 8 are ideal SP use

Gun Lancer Training 11 - manditory

Arti Master 6 - some players rather 7 or 8

Life Absorber 2 - I would have taken 1 but I had 10 SP left over

Melee Mastery 7 - some players rather 8



Precision Auto 20 - Manditory for BH KF build, however, you may chose to use MP or HP regen skill in the second slot, where I have no second auto.



Seal of Justice 1 - manditory

Dragon Striker 21 - I like the added +10 crit, and skill hit is suppose to help you hit target


Suggested: Red Hare, Str Ire, Str Ping, Az Ear, Az Necklace, Thor Cape

I currently use a Poseidon Shield for MP, however, I shall be switching to Odin's Shield

I do not use Az Rings because their effectiveness vs. cost has not appealed to me

I currently have MS helm, Robe, Gloves, Boots because the added damage appeals to me vs. MJ or Spring or Str Dragon Scale Lorica. I plan to upgrade these equipments when lvl 62 cap is released to their new form.

I currently use a 20-10% regen fashion and a Perm refresher. I like the fashion for my pet and if I am able to will be upgrading to the BUG looking fashion which provides pet 20-20% and keep my perm refresher. Unless I am able to get a blessing charm I do not plan to keep fashion 20-10% regen. Right now, I use the PUMPKIN SUIT strictly for looks because its amazing and rare.


BH KF have many weakness':

1. Curse or Ele wiz cause major problems which is solved via pet

2. Lack of speed and lack of elite phit cause problems which is why I socket at least equipment with phit gems

3. KF in general heavily rely on sockets of HP and MP because their native skills are %

4. One less enchantment slot due to having no weapon hurts, it could potentially mean 33% hp or 38 agi&dex

BH KF strength's:

1. High melee

2. Agi% skill greatly helps AGI base builds


Currently I am pure AGI with very minor dex, str, int via skills. My goal is to eventually have 12-14k HP and 4k MP. I perfer to concept of lasting in a battle vs. high melee builds of Ares builds.

I hate BH KF using haste sets because it takes away from HP and MP - it is better to socket Speed Gems than to use a haste set. I currently have TT Spirit on Azrael Neck and Boxing on Azrael Ear and I plan on using Prof on my charm slot (Perm or Blessing Charm) and keep my robe slot open for Rapid or Speed depending on my AGI calculations.

I will socket my gear with HP > MP > PHIT > AGI