Empire Junkies in Empire Online

Written by Rhastar2.


empire junkies in empire online

Empire Junkies in Empire Online

Shupaah pulled some strings and helped get Empire Junkies back on the official Empire Online announcements. Simply put - EPIC!  Next time you see Shupaah give him thanks for all the hard work he's putting into Empire Junkies along with PWNUMADEmpire Junkies or EJ for short, has a lot of awesome information on the game that we are constantly looking to update. I hope to be back in the near future once I get my IPAD fixed so I can help contribute more as well.

A site like Empire Junkies is a community effort.  Online games, especially MMOS, can really benefit from a community site because it helps bring people together, allows people to meet, discuss information, and more from the advantage of being run seperately from Lakoo and Empire Online official.

Empire Junkies Empire Online Updates

  • New Forum Category - Maya Server
  • Bringing back class guide databases
  • Looking for potential forum moderator.
  • CLASS SKILLS - Seeking assistance in completing class skill sections and filling out data
  • PET (Merge)SKILLS - Seeking assistance filling out missing information

Empire Junkies Gold Coin Raffle

Front Page Update coming on WEDNESDAY 619/2013

Submit a Class Guide or Information

Interested in helping out? Use the contact form or get a hold of Rhastar2 via email directly at dub.rodrigATgmailDOTcom.


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