What Empire Online information do you want to see?

Written by Rhastar2.

What Empire Online information do you want to see on Empire Junkies?

Reply to this comment with stuff you would like added to the site and we will work on it!

Empire Junkies will also be bringing back the Empire Online Builds Database in hopes of getting some more builds submitted and another part of the site going to help people out!

See you soon!



0 #1 RE: What Empire Online information do you want to see?Noom 2013-07-03 09:58
Things that I'd love to see are:

1) Updated Guides for Quests / Daily Instances (e.g. Mt Titan, Abyss, Altonia B etc.)
2) Documentation of New Events 2013 >
3) Full / Complete Skill Lists for all classes
4) New Pet details
5) Equipments / Weapons / Fashion list directory
6) Guide to Crafting Enchantments etc.

In no particular order, but definitely update the Quests section of this website first! Alot of Quests have been tweaked or updated in game.

Thank you :-)

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