Empire Online - Demon of Dragon Palace (Daily Quest)

Demon of Dragon Palace. Daily Quest - Empire Online

Written by Rhastar2.

Osiris, Dragon Palace, Empire Online

The fastest way to get to this quest is by going to Hero's Palace and taking the Dragon Palace (Lv45) teleport to the infamous Dragon Palace. Taking the portal will put you right next to the NPC (Non player character) named Frey. There is a series of prerequisite quests you must do in order to gain access to the floor Osiris is on. If you have completed the Dodger Colin Quest (Colin's Quest Guide) then you have already done it - if not, it's not that hard.  This quest has several rewards and leads up to the Hero Trial (Daily).  This short series of quests is an excellent source for some fast experience and potential for a chest reward.  Osiris isn't a very difficult battle as long as you can handle his minions!

Demon of Dragon Palace (Daily Quest)

  • Location: Dragon Palace - Accessible through Dragon's Way.
  • Difficulty and Time: Easy difficulty KILL QUEST that takes approximately 3 minutes.
  • Reward: Lv45 Epic Chest x1 (No key required), Portal to Dragon Palace Instance x1, 4200 Exp.
  • Follow up: 3,000 Experience reward from Raistlin Majere follow up quest.

Frey, Dragon Palace

Once you're ready to begin, talk to Frey!

To start, click Frey and take the quest with the !.  She asks you to slay the Demon Osiris on the lower floor of Dragon Palace in order to prevent his evil from spreading.  The portal to the bottom floor of Dragon Palace is underneath the stairs.  First timers may have some trouble finding it, so look for the glow between the two statues.  Proceed to go 'Deep into the depths of Dragon Palace'. You will find Osiris sitting on his throne, awaiting all those who dare enter his chambers.  The fight is fairly easy and the entire chain of quests can be completed even faster if you can walk around the enemies guarding him.  If you have a Teleportation Stone it will be even faster, but a waste of a stone since the walking distance from Frey is so short.

Dragon Palace Instance

The Depths of Dragon Palace holds many evils.  Osiris can be found sitting on his throne.

Depth of Dragon Palace (Extra Experience)

Don't stop yet!

The scroll that Frey gives you at the end of the quest will benefit you, even if you can't do Dragon Palace. If you use the scroll, you will find yourself in a room with the powerful Raistlin Majere who offers the Hero Trial (Daily) quest.

  • Self Introduction (Daily Quest) - 1,000 Experience
  • The World in Trouble (Daily Quest) - 2,000 Experience
  • Hero Trial (Daily Quest) - Are you ready to rumble?!

-Guide by the Wizard Rhastar2.


0 #2 RE: Demon of Dragon Palace. Daily Quest - Empire OnlineVivi-09 2011-12-30 20:18
Quoting Drezon:
Can you plz explain the quest before getting to instance plz I can't find Douglas shadow :/

Drezon u can find "Douglas Shadow" at "Mystery Cave B"
0 #1 Pre-required questsDrezon 2011-12-21 03:49
Can you plz explain the quest before getting to instance plz I can't find Douglas shadow :/

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