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Kill Abyss Reflection. - Altonia - Empire Online Daily Quest

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Abyss Barghest


Abyss is very much like the Mountain Titan except for a few differences.  He has a Right hand, Head and Left hand like the Mountain Titan. This mean monster requires a group, which can be found easily if you sit outside the fight and use Area chat.  One effective high level can clear the level 20 abyss without a problem.

Kill Order...

  1. Left Hand - Uses Hold status ability.
  2. Right Hand - Chaos status ability.
  3. Head - FINISH HIM!

TO SOLO... You should have about 190 Dodge and over 140 Physical hit.


  • If you are new to this quest, you probablly won't be much help to your group.  You are going to need to use the 'Defend' skill to try and keep yourself alive until you are high enough level to do some serious damage.  That way, you can pay the favor other high levels did for you when you were just a young adventurer!
  • Focus Fire! - Target the Left hand first, which uses the hold ability.

Abyss Barghest Daily Quest!

This quest can be found in “Altonia” by challenging the giant wolf on the south east part of the town.

Objective : Kill Abyss Reflection.

Rewards :
10 000 EXP;
20 000 copper;
3 level 30 Chest;
3 level 25 Chest;
1 Golden Gem Chest.

Please share if you have any guides, tips or tricks!


0 #2 RE: Kill Abyss Reflection. - Altonia - Empire Online Daily QuestxDrag0n 2012-03-24 22:54
Abyss is temporarily removed to be revamped in the future. Titan will also be removed in order to be revamped later on.
0 #1 RE: Kill Abyss Reflection. - Altonia - Empire Online Daily Questkirk99 2012-03-23 00:15
What happened to Abyss?

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