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Kill Bloody Amenti- Residence 6 - Empire Online

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Objective : Kill Bloody Amenti.

Rewards :
1 contribution point;
5000 EXP.

Location... You can find the Bloody Amenti in the crypts that you can access via "Rome Hill".


+1 #2 RE: Kill Bloody Amenti- Residence 6 - Empire OnlineTych 2011-10-05 21:56
I would recommend setting a respawn in carmi village if you end up not being able to beat him otherwise its a long ways back unless your willing to use tele gems
+1 #1 Kill Bloody Amenti (Daily Quest)flr3 2011-09-30 15:18
To find Bloody Amenti.
you can follow the below trail.

1. Carmi Village
2. East of Carmi Village
3. Fairy Forest A
4. Fairy Forest B
5. Rome Hill
6. Amenti grave A
7. Amenti grave B

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