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Kill Butcher - Residence 4 - Empire Online

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Kill Butcher!

You can find the Butcher in the Altonia Ruins (Instance), which you can access after you enter the first part of the Ruins from the Altonia Mountains.  He is hidden in a back room, which is easy to find if you take a little bit of time to look.  He is accompanied by a few Boar grunts, which can easily be dispatched!
Level 4 becomes available to all characters in an Empire with a level 4 Residence and who have reached level 30.


  • Groups are your friend!  If this quest has just recently been made available to you, then you should find a group before starting this quest.
  • The Butcher is EASIER to kill than King Tiger!  You may or may not need a group depending on your level.
Objective : Kill Butcher.

Rewards :
1 contribution point;
3500 EXP.

Location :
East of “Altonia”, in Nordic.
From “Altonia”, travel East, East, then North.

Thank you Kush&OJ for sharing where the Butcher is located!!

Journey to the Butcher...

First stop.. Altonia Mountains with my trusty partner, Kush&OJ!

Journey to the Butcher!

After we turned some Desert Golems to dust, we headed into the Altonia Ruins, where the Butcher is rumored stay.


Altonia Ruins ot Butcher

The Butcher is in leagues with the army of Quilboars that inhabit the Altonia Ruins.  You must enter the Instance in order to fight the dubious Butcher who has been stealin' all the females from the town!

Kill Butcher!

In the back room stood the Butcher with a bloody cleaver in hand.  It was time for Rhastar2 and Kush&OJ to move in for the kill.  Time to die, FIEND!

Kill Butcher!

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