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Kill Butcher Yan - Residence 1 - Empire Online

Written by Super Admin.

This quest is the first in the series of your Empire's Daily quests available in your residence.  The Butcher is very straight forward and easy to kill.


  • This guy is easy!  He is accompanied by 2 small mobs.  You should level up fast enough, so that you will be able to solo him effectively!
Objective : Kill Butcher Yan.

Rewards :
1 contribution point;
3500 EXP.

Location :
North of “Nightfall”, in Eastland.
From “Moon River Village”, travel South, West then North.


0 #3 RE: Kill Butcher Yan - Residence 1 - Empire OnlineRyuFang 2012-10-03 20:47
Then take ur anger out by killing titan and taunting it like i do >:) poor weak titan
0 #2 RE: Kill Butcher Yan - Residence 1 - Empire Onlinebutterfly knife 2012-10-03 00:53
how do I play this crap Im getting aggrivated I wanna smash something
0 #1 MrDudeSkaros 2011-09-28 20:12
Where do i go to take the daily quests? Plz someone reply! Thnk u..

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