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Kill King Tiger Roar - Residence 3 - Empire Online

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King Tiger - Roar!
Empire Junkies guide to KING TIGER - ROAR!


  • You may want to take a group if you are under level 30 or have had trouble with 'Kill Mad Sabre'
  • I was able to solo him effectively at level 30.  It was not an easy fight, but I am a Wizard so it may be a different story for a fighter.  Just hope he targets your pet a couple times if you are a Wizard!

King Tiger - Roar Quest!

Objective : Kill King Tiger Roar.

Rewards :
1 contribution point;
3500 EXP.

Location :
From Summer Land, go South, South then in the portal directly above the one you just entered, which goes to Cherry Lake!
From “Nine Dragons”, travel North, then West, West, South, South into “Cherry Blossom Forest”.



0 #1 Flower*Flower 2011-08-20 23:59
Hey, I'm new An I am a lvl 23. If you junkies need help, PM me on Empire Online or NOW.

Thanks guys- I've always got my Iphone!

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