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Kill Mad Sabre - Residence 2 - Empire Online

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Kill Mad Sabre!

Mad Sabre is an angry villain that's up to no good!  Do us all a favor, and kill him quickly!  You may or may not encounter 9 of his henchmen before you are allowed to fight Mad Sabre himself.  To see what you may be in store for, check the screen shot below!


  • Not much here.  Another mob you should be high enough level to solo in no time!
  • Beware of the potential mob of henchman you may have to fight before you gain access to their boss Mad Sabre!  You can see what they look like below!
'Objective : Kill Mad Sabre.

Rewards :
1 contribution point;
3500 EXP.

Location :
South-East of “Moon River Village”, in Eastland.
From “Moon River Village”, travel South, then East.


Mad Sabre's henchmen!


0 #1 RE: Kill Mad Sabre - Residence 2 - Empire OnlineTych 2011-10-05 21:50
From moon river village you actually go 2 rooms south and 1 room east

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