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Mountain Titan - Empire Online

Written by Rhastar2.

mountain titan

The Mountain Titan is a quest you should do EVERY DAY! It gives 20,000 experience points as well as 10,000 copper for the level 20 Titan.  The Mountain Titan has various quests depending on your character's level.  These quests are for level 20, 30, and 55.


The Mountain Titan has a Left Hand, Head, and Right Hand.  Each of these are a separate target!

Begin by focusing on one hand, moving on to the next hand and finish with targeting the Titan's head!  It is a very straight forward fight.


If you are too weak to do any damage or get hurt, then just DEFEND.  During Titan 20, it is common for the lower levels to rely on one or two people to kill the monster.  If you DIE, DO NOT LEAVE! You can still get credit for your groups kill if you are dead!

Tell your team mates the target order!  If you focus fire, your fight against the Mountain Titan will go much better for the entire team!


Source 'Empire Online'

New Instance: Mountain Titan

Players can easily use the event notification anytime in game to teleport to Mountain Titan to participate in this event.
Titan’s Horn: Defeat the Lv30 or Lv55 Titan to get the horns to exchange for Titan’s Chests
Titan’s Chests: There’s a chance to get epic equipment as well as epic pet zombie gems

Challenge him now!


0 #5 RE: Mountain Titan - Empire OnlineChronz 2012-01-07 21:54
Get yourself a team composed of a few people, you don't require much hitting

You do not get any exp but you have the chance to get a titan horn!

yes it is available to everyone. Tap on the white bubble on the top left corner of your screen, activity then mountain titan.
0 #4 NoobAlleluia 2012-01-06 20:02
Titan can be accessed by the daily quest log in the upper left hand corner. You can lead a battle against Titan 20 when you are level 20, Titan 30 when you are level 30, etc.

Don't bother with Titan 30 until you are near level 50. You do NOT get any experience from Lv30 or Lv55 versions of the Titan. You only get a chance for Titan Horns. Collect 5 for a reward.

To kill Titan, focus on his lower hand first. If you have hitters with high damage, you may be able to finish off his upper hand next. However, it will heal once the upper hand gets below 50% health. Instead, kill the head. Once the head dies, the upper hand cannot heal and is easy to finish off.
0 #3 is this availble?itchiro 2011-12-30 13:08
is this daily quest is available to everyone ??? how to get there please make a guide how to go there easly
0 #2 TT30?HUSKYY 2011-12-19 08:07
How much exp do u get for tt30 plz tell meee
0 #1 RE: Mountain Titan - Empire Onlinesasha 2011-11-11 06:49
difficult quest..

have not finished it....
can't solo by myself....

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