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Residence Dailys

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Residence Daily Quests

Each person has the opportunity to join an Empire in Empire Online.  Empires give various benefits, one of which is Daily quests.  The Empire Dailys are another easy way to earn experience.  Empire daily quests also give you Contribution points, which are currently not used in the game but meant for mounts and other rewards in the future.  A new daily is available for each level of the Residence.  Although this residence is only level 4, it can reach as high as 11!


  • Each level of your residence allows for more members to join your Empire.  If you find you can not add any more people to your empire, then it's time to upgrade!

Residence Daily Quests

  1. Level 1 Residence - Kill 'Butcher Yan'
  2. Level 2 Residence - Kill 'Mad Sabre'
  3. Level 3 Residence - Kill 'King - Tiger'
  4. Level 4 Residence - Kill 'Butcher'
  5. Level 5 Residence - Kill 'Douglas'
  6. Level 6 Residence - Kill 'Bloody Amenti'
  7. Level 7 Residence
  8. Level 8 Residence
  9. Level 9 Residence

*Coming Soon...

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