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Halloween Event Walkthrough

Written by Rhastar2.

Halloween Dragon quest, Empire Online


The Halloween Event is here and things are off to a great start.  Lakoo shared a walk through on the forums for the latest event!  The new town of Dubai is the center of festivities!  You can access it via the Activity Button Only players over level 45 will be able to access a majority of the content because players that level are only able to pick up items like the Nectar you need to collect.  There are also short 'Trick or Treat' type quests that involve you collecting some items, finding and slaying a monster etc.  If you have any information, please share it in the Comments or start a thread in our forum! If you have been to the site, then you've seen the Halloween Rewards and the Halloween Event Preview that we shared earlier this month.

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Hi everyone,

Welcome to headless knight's party, you should get the invitation first.

1、twon leader – Jeter,  talk to him

2、Help the villagers and decorate this town

3、Help the villagers.  repeatable mission.

4、Talk to Jeter and get party invitation, (you can buy it from him)

5、Repeatable exchange missions in instance, you can get

【Box of Halloween Lottery】 and【Gold Box of Halloween Lottery】

Dubai  A

1、Find Little Wizard and collect 6 sweets.from pumpkin villagers.

2、Talk to Little Wizard with your 6 sweets and challenge headless knight.

3、Enter Dubai B after the battle.

Dubai B

Talk to Headless Knight

1、Kill big pumpkin monster

continuous battle

2、Kill the witchs.

continuous battle

3、The end

Defeat Headless Knight, you have only one chance to challenge him

You can alson buy the reset scroll to challenge again.


Halloween Sweet Bag: Buff sweet inside.

Headless Knight's Award : special mount, permanent equipment and fashion suit.

Box of Halloween Lottery: have a chance to get Headless Knight's Award

Halloween Lottery Ticket: to exchange gift. you can buy the ticket from Pumpkin Hat Trader

Gold Box of Halloween Lottery: have a chance to get Headless Knight's Award

Signing out....


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