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Halloween Is Coming... to Empire Online! [Event]

Written by Rhastar2.

Empire Online Halloween Event

The air is getting colder with the coming Fall and the community of Empire Online are eagerly awaiting the Halloween Season!  This year's Halloween looks very promising for the players of Empire Online.  Empire Junkies has some awesome screen shots and information regarding the Halloween Event in Empire Online!  This event will have a permanent reward this time for everyone who completes this event.  This event difficulty will be Very Hard (More news coming soon...) but will be accompanied by a new daily and a new cape. Stay tuned for more information coming soon and the awesome Halloween Event that's just right around the corner!


Lakoo's Empire Online Halloween Event

Mut and Team Leader have come to Bosnia!  For how long, were not sure but it looks like they are important parts of this year's Halloween festivities!


Halloween Event, Empire Online, Empire Junkies

The Valley of the Dog God... where nightmares become reality?


Empire Online Halloween Event 2011

It looks like Dubai has become Halloween Town.  Fun, eerie and Halloween Lanterns.  What more could ask for?


Lakoo's Response on Event Rewards

  • Please note that if the rewards are time limited, the stats will be outstanding and permanent rewards will be gain in the future maybe in the event or from certain missions. We make temporary rewards as a preview or trail of the items.


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what rewards does halloween event give

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