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Halloween Rewards - Empire Online, 2011

Written by Rhastar2.

Halloween Rewards, Empire Online

Ghosts, Ghouls, Candy and Rewards!

The Halloween rewards have been released, which are an excellent teaser for the event that will be coming any day!  Empire Junkies has exclusive news on the event rewards for this year's Halloween event.  There are 3 Event Rewards, 2 permanent and 1 temporary.  Halloween this year, brings with it the headless knight's mount, Nightmare, a new Envy Robe, and a festive Halloween Suit for the season!  If you missed our last post on Halloween, check it out to see what October has in store!  Remember... the quest isn't going to be easy... start training today!

Nightmare Mount, Empire Online

The mighty steed Nightmare will be tamed by the lucky few this Halloween Season!

Halloween Suit, Emprie Online

It's party time! Break out the Halloween Suit and get ready to have some fun!  (+10% Hp/MP Regen after battle, +Battle EXP 1.3 Times)

Envy Robe, Empire Online

A special new robe will be available for casters, which could prove a valuable tool for some fights!  The exquisite Envy Robe!


Reported by Rhastar2.

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