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It's Christmas time, in Empire Online!

Written by Rhastar2.

Empire onlice Christmas

It's finally Christmas time in Empire Online!  Empire Junkies has awesome screen shots as well as a comprehensive guide to the Christmas Event, including chest information, monsters, items and more.  You can also check out screen shots at our Christmas 2011 Photo book! Share any information you have in our forums, or in the comments.

Happy Holidays from your friends at Empire Junkies!

Christmas Event Guide

1. Go to Elizabeth avenue and talk to Santa!

You can get happiness blessing from instance reward chests, but you need buy blessing cream from my shop!

2. He will give you gifts – time limited fashion equipment!

3. Talk to him again, he will send you to event map – n pole town

4. Santa’s ears! He lost his ears in altonia and carmi ….please kill monsters near these towns and collect his ears…..( jocular santa)

5. You can be a santa!

Please send gifts to the kids in this town on my behalf! Do you remember from where i enter the house to send gifts? But this town has a tradition: santa clause exchanges gifts with kids. When you leave stocking gifts by their bedside, take one decoration from the christmas tree as their gift to me. They'll be much happier!

6. Berserk reindeer…Kill them…Their meets are delicious…

7. Pvp with mischievous santa claus-continuous battle, elite

Hey, a mischievous santa claus pretends to be a real santa near here! I want to teach that mischievous santa claus near here a lesson! Be careful, he is a crazy and violent inventor!

8. Go to gift house after finish all santa’s missions.

9. Defeat chest monsters in gift house, you can get different gifts. You can only choose one chest per day.

Continuous battle, elite.

Christmas News and Shop Information

Santa is at Elizabeth Avenue.  You can compose christmas permanent equipments from santa!

Santa’s shop in elizabeth avenue.


  • X'mas gift550 silver
  • Blessing cream1M copper


Christmas Reindeer Mount

Christmas Chest Guide

X'mas gift You have a chance to get legendary maid gem

Christmas gold gifts Gold key is necessary

Christmas gold gifts: Gold key is necessary

Santa claus's rare gift: At most get 3 random super rewards

Santa claus's legendary gift: At most get 3 random super rewards

Santa claus's gift: get random rewards


Reported by Rhastar2.



0 #2 Nice jobmoonlite 2011-12-16 00:12
Nice job Rhaster2

If you guys want to see other guides and tips about this event, visit my blog
0 #1 RE: It's Christmas time, in Empire Online!Kanat 2011-12-15 21:24
yooo this is awesome. when are they revealing it?

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