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Miss. Lag's Fashion

Written by Rhastar2.

Miss Lag - Empire Online

Greetings Junkies!  This is Rhastar2 bringing you EJ's (Empire Junkies) latest report on the new fashion merchant in Nine Dragons... the illustrious Miss Lag!

Fashion has finally arrived in Empire Online! Along with the recent addition of Mounts to the game, a new fashonista vendor Miss. Lag has set up shop in the city of Nine Dragons.  Miss Lag features several types of fashion, which I will explain to you below.  If you're someone who likes to sport the kingdom's newest threads!  There's a lot of great potential with the 1.2 Time Exp Fashion and experience scrolls. Those looking to level a little bit faster will be very happy!

The Three Fashions

  • 20% Restore - After each battle, your high class fashion will replenish your Health and Mana after each battle. You can purchase a suit for 400 silver that will be Valid for 24 hours!
  • Fashion Shop - This is the shop for those who just like to look GOOD!  Fashion savvy players can purchase the finest clothes in the land for 100 silver and are Valid for 24 hours! This type of fashion gives no bonus!
  • 1.2 Times Exp Fashion -  Those are serious about leveling up will waste no time in grabbing the latest 1.2x Exp Fashion clothes from Miss Lag right away!  Each battle will reward you with 1.2x Experience.  These fine threads cost 400 silver and are Valid for 24 hours!



  • Stack 1.2 Times Exp Fashion with experience scrolls to level as fast as possible.  Remember that it only lasts for 24 hours, so you might want to wait for a day where you have some extra time and experience scrolls and go level up!
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0 #1 RE: Miss. Lag's Fashionraysha 2011-10-20 04:09
i would love it if they would just let u have stuff that doesnt disapear i after 24 hrs i mean it doesnt have to have special effects on it but its really anoying geting something then having to get it again next day plus it also costs silver so even if it costed copper that would be major improvement

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