Dog God (Lv20) - Hunter Trial Daily

Dog God (Lv 20) - Hunter Trial Daily

Written by Rhastar2.

Dog God, The Hunter Trial

Hunter Trial (Daily Quest) - Defeating the Dog God( Lv20)!

The Dog God is a new boss, which is part of a new set of Daily Quests similar to that of Abyss Barghest and the Mountain Titan.  The Dog God resides in Bosnia, and can first be encountered by talking to Team Leader, who will give you the quest to fight Dog God (Lv 20). You can access Bosnia by visiting an Empire and taking the Balloon, or by using the Atlantis Escort in Altonia.

Dog God (Lv 20) - Hunter Trial (Daily)

Talk to 'Team Leader' and get the 'Hunter Trial (Daily)'. Talk to her again, and click 'The Trial Begins' to engage the level 20 Dog God.  In order to kill the Dog God, you must have attack skills that don't require any mana!  The Dog God will immediately drain you and your group of all your MP.

To kill the Dog God...


  • Left arm and Right arm - 3,000 HP and 1 MP each.
  • Head - 5,000 MP and 1 MP.
  • Use skills that require no MP since he will drain it at the beginning and for the remainder of the fight. (e.g. Seal of Justice)
  • Reward: Dog God gives 3,000 XP and 1,800 copper.
Finally, talk to Team Leader and turn in the Hunter Trial quest in order to receive... 20,000 EXP, Lv 25 Keyless Chest x3, Lv 30 Keyless Chest x3
Contributed by Vivi-09 with support from Rhastar2 and Zenon.

Dog God Battle