Assault, The Power To Kill Slowly and Painfully.

Written by Chronz.


Hey guys Chronz here and im here to teach you about Assault, a skill which is usefull for soloing multiple things.

First thing you will need is Health. For this you can create your own set of equipment which provides Hp. Heres What I use:


  • Tensiaga
  • Azreal Earing


These two things are the most important part of my build. The rest is up to you.

Second thing you need is dodge. You will need dodge higher than you physical hit. You should get about 250 phys hit which means about 350-400 dodge.

Very important equipment you will need is:


  • Raistlin Slip-On Shoe
  • This is a must have for dodge.


Two things you will not need:


  • Mana
  • Melee


Why not Mana? Assault uses no mana. **Unless you want to use an auto? But remember, assault will hold you if it hits.**

Why not Melee? Because Assault is a skill that hits for a percentage of your opponents Health.


This is a basic guide so of course you must add a touch of your own imagination.  If you have anythign to add, please comment.

This guide was written by Chronz!


0 #3 RE: Assault, The Power To Kill Slowly and Painfully.*B* 2012-02-24 07:30
When I made my assault build. I used heal aura lvl 20 (warrior akill) to make up the difference in hp if I did happen to hit myself. Alot of the times it was the difference in winning a battle or killing myself
+2 #2 RE: Assault, The Power To Kill Slowly and Painfully.RyuFang 2012-02-22 13:55
All melee skills are tied to melee damage+ effect of skill, assault is no exception

(only assist, and curse skills cause ONLY what the skill says it will)

just a tip for future confusion
0 #1 MeleeChronz 2012-02-11 22:01
I actually just tested it out and found out that assault can be empowered with melee! Assault hits for

% of hp +melee

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