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FAQ- Expedition To Finish

Written by Flower*.

Hey guys! I'm Flower, and if you like- call me Flo. I'm a wicked witch who loves to play Empire Online- now available on Android via I phone (I pad, I pod touch)  And guess what? There's a Question n' Answer blog post here! So also, if you have questions here, I give you answers!

Here's some recent questions asked (Take note this is just a FAQ)

Why can't I do any missions and teleport there?

A: To do missions, you have to be able to unlock parental controls or the matter that you have no teleport gems. To get there, you can buy teleport gems x50 at the platinum shop for 500 silver. You sometimes can teleport from teleportation areas or teleport from your empire's facility travel NPC.

How do you get FREE silver and gold?

A: Easy. If you can't afford buy it, click "coins" tab from the shop. Then click "Get free Gold" tab. You will be directed to other titles of apps- and the ones that have $$$ or less mean you have to pay for that app- but you get lots of gold otherwise. Other free apps require download and play- and others require some task at the game to get the gold coins. If you have played a game, come back to Empire Online and open your mailbox. Check Purchased Coins. You will then get your gold coins. If you must, trade in your gold coins for silver in the "Exchange" tab in the shop.

Where can I get pets?

A: It depends on what type you want. Sometimes, doing tasks will earn you a free pet. But take care of it properly, if it dies or gets too hungry, it will not be able to fight. Some pets require silver- for instance, Super Bear needs a Epic Revival Pill- but be careful- it cost 700 silver. Also, some NPC's give your money back. The domains are Common, Valuable, Epic and Legendary. You can get pets from Fenrir Valley, Keruder Plateau, Boar Forest, Ice Springland, and from Keryandrew. Best sales are at Trading Posts- located in either Tortivican City ;Maya, or Altonia, Nordic.




+1 #15 RE: FAQ- Expedition To FinishChronz 2012-01-23 23:10
At any pet shop or some item shops
0 #14 RE: FAQ- Expedition To FinishXero_ZX 2012-01-19 17:23
Where do you get pet revives?
+1 #13 RE: FAQ- Expedition To FinishChronz 2012-01-07 21:52

You can repair equipment at any weapon shop. For fast repair simply go on social and teleport yourself to the third empire ( Chinese NAme), the weapon shop will be right next to you. Go to weapon shop Lv1
0 #12 RE: FAQ- Expedition To FinishGS 2011-12-28 10:03
how to repair a weapon or armor?
0 #11 HelpFlower 2011-11-12 00:07
@Vince, Q1: without any money, you will have to sell, borrow, or create your own trademarks express to earn money. Loss of exp doesn't occur. But if you do, just fight till you die. Q2:Best resting spots are at friendly villages. I don't recommend resting at crowded spots, near spammers, battlegrounds, or instances. Somewhere peaceful is the best spot, like for example; your empire, or Nightfall. Q3: Reviving your pet, is by using the buy-and-get method. Buy pet revive potions or pet health.. Stuff from potion vendors. You can feed him/her, or reassure power too.

0 #10 HelpFlower 2011-11-11 23:59
@Fourtwenty, I'm not so sure bout that.... Your icon provides all charms and de-buffs; but maybe it outta be a lag. I'm sorry, but to my help, consult Lakoo.
0 #9 RE: FAQ- Expedition To FinishFlower 2011-11-11 23:56
Appariton binding is rare, can't always predict.
+1 #8 RE: FAQ- Expedition To FinishVince795 2011-11-09 02:58
Just started,

Q1) What penalties do i incur if i KOed ? Loss of money, exp ?

Q2) Where can i rest to recover my HP/MP ?

Q3) How do i revive pet ?

Thats all for now...

0 #7 skill icon?four twenty 2011-10-29 08:57
im new here and i keep on asking someone but no one answers. my question is how will i know the magic or skill or debuff casted on me by my opponent? do you got any pictures that indicate the those icons under my name? i dunno what the meaning of the arrow icon the man with a red line like a stop sign. etc etc etc. thank you. ill be expecting answers.
0 #6 RE: FAQ- Expedition To FinishTych 2011-10-05 21:53
@ apparition, Typically when you bind an item it becomes more powerful because it activates its bind effect but then its stuck to you forever, you cant sell or trade it but you can drop it to get rid of it.

@glapex, The sword with the exclamation mark next to it means some of your gear is broken and you need to go repair it

Also in regard to contribution points a tip you should know donate your res or silver in packets of 20, like 20, 40, 60, etc. because any less than 20 wont give you contribution points, the only thing this is different for is Gold which is 1 point per gold donated, and copper does not give contribution points for donating, also you supposedly can get a mount for getting enough contribution points and your points will reset if you change empires so get into your permanent empire before you start donating :)

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