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Gems of Empire Online

Written by SerasV.

Gem is used to add stat(s) bonus(es) to your equipment. Any equipment that has "Socket 0/20" in their description can be refined using a gem. We can socket at most 20 gems of same type to each equipment. Every socketing process has 50% chance of success. Upon failure, all gems that has been socketed before will break (but the equipment itself will not break). Weapon that has 7 or more gems in it will have a glowing aura.

Gem can be obtained from some quest's reward or from bronze and gold boxes of any type and level. There are +1, +2, and +3 gem of each type. The +2 gem can be bought from online shop for 50 silvers.

Basic Stat Gems
These gems will add basic stats, it means that you can also gain these stats when leveling up.

STR-Strength Gems
*+1 STR(Abyss/Titans lv25/30 chests)
*+2 STR(Online Shop or Golden Gem Chest)
*+3 STR(Golden Gem Chest)

AGI-Agility Gems
*+1 AGI(Abyss/Titans lv25/30 chests)
*+2 AGI(Online Shop or Golden Gem Chest)
*+3 AGI(Golden Gem Chest)

*+1 DEX(Abyss/Titans lv25/30 chests)
*+2 DEX(Online Shop or Golden Gem Chest)
*+3 DEX(Golden Gem Chest)

*+1 WIL(Abyss/Titans lv25/30 chests)
*+2 WIL(Online Shop or Golden Gem Chest)
*+3 WIL(Golden Gem Chest)

*+1 CON(Abyss/Titans lv25/30 chests)
*+2 CON(Online Shop or Golden Gem Chest)
*+3 CON(Golden Gem Chest)

Special Stat Gems
These are gems that increase stats that can't be obtained by increasing your basic stats

Physical Hit Gems

Element Hit Gems

Element Resist Gems

'''Curse Hit Gems'''

Curse Resist Gems

HP Gem

MP Gem


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