How to take a screen shot with an iPhone, iPad, and iPod! Empire

How to take a screen shot with an iPod, iPhone, or iPad

Written by Rhastar2.

Do you have something you need to share with the world?  If so, this short guide will give you the power of sharing your virtual life!

How to Submit a Pet Screen shot

To take a screen shot...

  1. Put whatever you want to take a picture of on the screen of your iPhone*.
  2. Press the 'Home' key in the center, and 'Sleep / Wake' key on top of your Apple device. (Picture below)
  3. The screen will flash a bright white color.
  4. You have just made a screen shot!'
  5. Find the device in your iPhone's* photo gallery.

iPhone screen shots

Guide Source: LabNol Technology Blog

Full guide to taking a screen shot (external link)

*Alternate Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod device.

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