Empire Junkies! Kush&Oj's Pet Type and Build Guide for Empire Online

Pet Types and the way their builds should be

Written by KushOJ.

Kush&OJ's Pet Guide - Pet Types and the way their builds should be!

First off, For all of you people with pets and unspent SP aka Skill points Here is the solution to making full use of your pets skills and growth rate. Ill explain everything later on.

A LOT of time was spent making this for everyone's well being as well this website appreciate and don't hate. -_- Also this is my first time writing a guide, so tighten up.  :)

Legendary Pets Empire Online

To start off there are three pet types Melee, Ranged, Magic.

You always want to pick a pet that you can use to your advantage, and use to its fullest extent. Every time a pet level's up it gains SP. The SP AKA skill points are dependent on your pets previous level from which it leveled times ten. To put it simply a level 11 pet levels up to 12, It will gain 110 SP. and so forth. All pets have a special purpose. Most people put stats in the wrong places therefore wasting SP, Money, and their pets purpose.

Here is a example of what i mean when i say wasting pet talents or stats OR growth rate...  Pets should have a Growth Rate. Growth rate is viewable through pet skills or the pet icon located at the top on the right of your characters icon. I will explain later on in the pet building section.

Now On To Pet Types:

Melee Pets: These pets are usually used for melee Tanking, Stat increasing, dealing damage, or you can create a balance of both through building them.

Ranged Pets: These pets are for long battles and assisting you with stat boosting skills also, their damage isn't  the highest but they usually attack first because their speed. Ranged pets tend to live long in battles due to their high dodge, Although some ranged pets don't have high dodge.

Magic Pets: These pets are for dealing Elemental Damage, Defending Curses, Magic attack Tanking, and also assist their master with skills that include MP transfer the most common is spirit connect. They are not the best at taking melee blows but they have a wide array of skills.

Building Your Pet

When i say building your pet  i mean using SP on the right skills for its specified purpose, stats, or growth rate.  All pets have a growth rate.  Growth Rate is the way your pet will gain stats automatically as they level, meaning if your pet has a high strength percentage, when it levels up it will automatically put more points into strength than any other stat. This is the way your pet will grow meaning it will have high strength naturally.  For melee pets they always have a pretty decent growth rate balance between the main melee skills which are Strength, Constitution, and some melee's have very high growth rate in Agility the balance is very diverse sometimes.


The Building of a Melee Pet

Melee Tanker: This pet should have Very High Con a perfect example is a Bear Pet, or a Panda Pet- only obtainable through events.  If your planning on using a tank build, DO NOT Put stats into Str, Melee, Or any other damage based Moves especially slam since its role is to take hits for you and boost your stats. Having the pet alone wont boost your stats however you must teach it Secondary Attack a move that increases your hit rate, damage, And Speed, or chooose Dog Fight a skill that lowers Speed And Dodge meaning you wont miss as much as you should. The higher a skill level on a pet the better.  Melee tanks should focus on these Skills: Melee Defense, Constitution, Advanced Health,  Especially The Automatic Assist Melee Def Skill. Focus on the Auto Skill First because your tank wont be of use if it doesn't defend you.  Preferred pets for this job include Panda, Bear, or just any pet with really high Con growth rate percentage. Especially pets with the strong body talent. These are the best tanks :)

Melee Damage pet:

These Pets have Very High Strength Growth rate percentage and pretty good con, Also all around agility and dodge.  The build for these pets should be a mixture of Strength, Con, Melee Defense, Advance health, Melee Training these skills are crucial if you want your pet to survive an onslaught of attacks from your opponent, while being able to give a hard shot.  The best active skill for melee damage pets is slam or you can give it some tank abilities, if you wish its your pet.

Some of my favorites are Aardwolf Samurai, Lobo Samurai, Any kind of Bear Pet, and Sphinx.

The building of a ranged pet.

Focus on increasing Speed, Dodge,ranged, Melee Defense, advanced health, and Con , strength isn't needed because increasing range itself is increasing accuracy and damage. Again... teach this pet Auto Skill Melee Def because it is a survivor pet and can last in battles if stats are increased in these areas. Ranged pets also have a decent Int growth rate and can assist with some mp skills. One of the best ranged skills is barrage. At level 20 Barrage can hit all enemies!

Great Ranged Pets are : Zombie, and who could forget the Fairy.

The building of a magic pet.

These pets are decent in the con area. Your main focus is to increase its Magic Defense, Health, and most importantly its active skills. This pet should be able to defend you from magic attacks or Curses. Recommended Active skills are Cold wave, and fire spray, these skills are for elemental damage pets.Magic Tanks should focus on the auto skill Defend Curse or Magic Attack



This Guide was written By Kush&Oj!

**If you need help building your pet, contact me in game!

If this guide helped you in anyway and you would like to contribute because it helped you, please mail me in game!

Enjoy making your pet strong! Thanks for reading, and i'll edit this guide if it is too lengthy in certain ways i tried to make it as detailed and complete as possible to give a general idea of what you should do.

Sincerely Kush&OJ // a special thanks to Rhastar2 the emperor of Pro420 a great Empire and the creator of this website. Peace




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Ty Chronz i found out myself the hard way...
-2 #4 RE: Pet Types and the way their builds should beRyuFang 2012-09-18 00:50
The clue is in the name DOUBLE shoot.
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No frost it does not
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so does a pet's lvl20 double shoot skill turn into a line of foes or no?
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what about melee defense pets / magic def / range def. not all players use their pets for attacking purposes.

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