4 Races of Empire Online

The 4 Races - Empire Online

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There are 4 different races in Empire.  Your class is dependent on your race, so your options are limited.  That being said, I have taken the game's description found on this page and provided it for a quicker reference. Each class is limited to one race, so concerning yourself with starting stats and racial abilities is not necessary.


Having a hard time leveling?

If you notice leveling is becoming increasingly difficult and you are still in the early stages of the game (1-30), then try going to a different races starting area and going through all of their quests.  This is a way to catch up on exp. when you have completed all of your dailys and aren't in the mood to grind mobs.


Class: Warrior, Kungfu Fighter
Eastland residents live in the warm plains. They are humorous, brave, chivalrous and more agile than others. Their ultimate goal is to introduce martial arts to the whole world.


Class: Warrior, Wizard
Nordic lives in a cold and mysterious magic world. Their enthusiasm for swordsmanship and magic spells makes them uniquely cool and mysterious. The power of wisdom and strength is the core foundation of their pride and confidence.


Class: Hunter
The Atlantis lives a hunter’s life on tropical islands. Their intricate and accurate archery does not cover their passionate attitudes. THey are the best when it comes to hunting down monsters due to their bravery, endurance, hunter’s instinct and their agility.


Class: Shaman
Maya lives in the primitives depths of tropical forests, they are passionate and have a great sense of unity. The legacy of secret medicines and blowpipe techniques allows them to overcome any difficulties in the jungle and makes them proud.


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