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Title and Achievment System

Written by Rhastar2.

Achievment and Titles

Earn Titles as Rewards for Achievements!

Empire Online has a cool Title System, which also functions as a way to display your achievements.  You can earn achievements for reaching goals like....

  • Earn 1,000 Copper -
  • Kill 1,000 Monsters -
  • Get 1000 Spell Power etc.


The titles you can display are available as a result of getting an achievement.  There's lots to unlock, so you should be busy for a long time!  Not every can receive every title.  Some are class specific and some are only available to players with certain status, like an Emperor.  You can measure your Achievements via the Achievement tab, so you can see what exactly you need to get to achieve a title.

Only the most elite will display the most renown Titles!

You can access the Title system by going to your Backback, then scrolling over with the arrow on the Top Right of the screen.  Take a look at the screenshots above if you have any questions.

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