Legendary Brown Bear, Melee Pet

Brown Bear, Legendary Brown Bear - Melee Pet

Written by Rhastar2.

Brown Bear, Empire Online

Legendary Brown Bear, Melee Pet

Every player has used a Bear at some point in their lives adventuring through Empire Online.  It is a reliable companion, and one of the very first pets you encounter.  Despite the frequency and high population of common, rare and precious Brown Bears, the Legendary Brown Bear is extremely rare!

The Legendary Brown Bear is a very rare and very fine specimen of a true Melee pet champion with it's infamous Beserk Bear skill!  The Beserk Bear skill gives effect: +65 Critical hit, +800 Melee and Immune to Hold, Silence, Chaos for one round.

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legendary Brown Bear, Empire Online

Beserk Bear (Lv5)

Effect: +65 Critical hit, +800 Melee, Immune Hold, Silence, Chaos lasting 1 round

Reported by Rhastar2.

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