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Demon, Melee Pet

Written by Rhastar2.

Demon pet, empire online

Demon, Melee Pet

The Demon is an awesome new pet available to the exclusive few who are able to get their hands on one.  They can be found in gems, and also via the Thanksgiving Mining Event. The Demon is the envy of many players, and having one is sure to increase your social standing and give you some cool points. SCORE!

The Demon has a powerful special ability, which reduces Melee defense by 1100 for 3 rounds.  Target - All Foe. This pet can be a powerful ally for the right character.  I mean shoot.... I'd rock one as a Wizard, but it wouldn't be the same...

Thanks to Vivi-09 and his Demon for the photo shoot.  If you have any information on the Demon you would like to share, please post in the comments!

Demon, melee pet

Vivi-09 and his Demon accompanied by Rhastar2 and his Funky Fairy.

Demon pet, melee pet, legendary

Demon on Demon action.  Osiris in the Dragon Palace vs Vivi-09's Demon.

Demon cry, Hellfire

The Demon's special ability reduces opponents Melee defense by 1100!  All the more reason to choose your pets accordingly.

Reported by Rhastar2.

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