Guide to Pets in Empire Online

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Your loyal companion!

Another excellent feature of Empire Online (Lakoo Games) is their in-depth Pet system, which includes stats, skills and lots of customization.  Your pet is a loyal fighter that stands by your side, and assists you as you carve your path through the world of EO (Empire Online). Your pet will also walk along side your character for all your friends to see.  There are many different types of pets, some of which will create much jealousy among your peers in admiration of your Legendary Companion.

Quick Tip! - You can revive your pet by using a potion on it!  It's that easy!

Pet Skilltypes


  1. Melee - Combat similar to a Warrior or KungFu master.
  2. Ranged - Combat similar to a Hunter.
  3. Magic - Combat similar to a Wizard or Shaman.

Choose a pet skill type that will help your character excel.  If you are a Wizard or Shaman, chances are you would love to take a buff melee pet to absorb some of the damage coming your way, since your hit point pool is generally weaker.  A Warrior or KungFu fighter might want a Ranged or Magic pet depending on their play style and the elements they want to add to the fight.

Pet Quality

Your pet has a particular quality or 'grade', which determines how many maximum skills your pet can have.  The more skills your pet can have, the more powerful it will be! The pet's quality is ranked the same as Armor and Weapons in Empire Online (EO).  You have your typical Common pet to the amazingly powerful Legendary pets!  Your pet also has a level.  Each level, your pet gains Skill Points (SP) that you can use to train skills - just like how you develop your character.

  1. Common - 8 Skills
  2. Precious - 9 Skills
  3. Rare - 10 Skills
  4. Legendary - 11 Skills

Some pets, like fairies, have special abilities too.  An example of this is some Wizards take fairies along with them for a particular Magic skill they can use.


  • When a Pet trains skills in their chosen SKILLTYPE, skills only cost X amount of points.  If your pet trains in a SKILLTYPE that is not their original one, points cost X(*2) or Double the amount of points needed to train the skill.
  • You can buy pets in the Auction House via the Trader in all major cities. Higher Quality Pets cost more money! (Usually GOLD)


0 #2 RE: Guide to Pets in Empire OnlineChronz 2012-01-12 21:52
Pets can be bought at any pet store or in the Trading Post. You can also acquire them from certain beginner missions.
0 #1 RE: Guide to Pets in Empire OnlineZeeone 2012-01-12 12:34
How can I get a pet? Please explain that way to get a pet,,thx

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