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Precious Dark Lobo - Pet, Empire Online

Written by Rhastar2.

Precious Dark Lobo

The Precious Dark Lobo has finally been unveiled.  This new and exclusive pet is a special reward as a result of the 'Dark Walf Reward Quest' from Abyss Barghest.  The Precious Dark Lobo has fur as black as night and piercing red eyes, giving this awesome companion a fearsome disposition!  The stats lean towards a strong growth rate in Strength, followed by Agility and Dexterity. The pet was first discovered by Linky, whom wasted no time in getting it to the pet training grounds.

First Attack, Wilf's Blades

This is the special skill for Precious Dark Lobo.


Precious Dark Lobo

Thanks to the warrior Linky for sharing info and a picture with his discovery of the Precious Dark Lobo.


Dark Lobo stats, Pet

Precious Dark Lobo's - Statistics

Discovered by Linky, 55 Warrior. Thank you for sharing your find with Empire Junkies!

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