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Dodger Colin

Written by Super Admin.

Becka's guide to finding Dodger Colin...


Reward... 10,000 exp. + Miscellaneous exp amounts

“Find us everywhere in the world, and you will be really surprised.”

FAIRY FOREST B – The Dodger Colin series starts off in Fairy forest B, which you can get to by taking the south exit from Carmi and go past Fairy forest A. dodger Colin is hidden behind a big tree just below Caesar. “You found me? I’m the first.” He then tells you, “Rumor says you can find the next me in Amenti.” [300exp] (Make sure the exclamation mark over his head goes away BEFORE you move on. Otherwise you have not found the right dodger, or you have not chosen the correct options when talking to him.)

AMENTI GRAVES A – Next, head down from here to Rome Hill and follow the map up and into Amenti Graves A. You will see Dodger right when you enter, just above Verdandi. “I’m everywhere.” He says, and then “I’ll be in Mystery cave next.” [200 exp]

MYSTERY CAVE A – Mystery cave can be accessed by teleport gem on the world map; otherwise, get back to Carmi and take the north exit. Pass through West of Carmi forest and Soff Bog A. When you get to Soff Bog B, make a left into Soff Bog C. The entrance to Mystery Cave (aka Dragon Cave) is at the top of Soff Bog C. Dodger Colin is at the top of Mystery Cave A. “You are here too? I’m not the first one.” “You earn my respect that you dare to come to places like this. I will be at Kuy Ruins next.” [200 exp]

KUY RUINS – Make your way back to Soff Bog B and take the right exit this time, to Kuy Corridor. Follow that around and down to Kuy Ruins. Dodger Colin will be right next to you now. “Do you like ‘Hide and Seek’ so much?” “Is It because I’m not humble enough? Where am I next? Go to Kerryandrew and ask.” [200exp]

ZOLODI GOLGOTHA B – Head to Kerryandrew now. And easy way there is to teleport to an empire and use the horse buggy to teleport there. Go up from there and enter the Zolodi Golgotha via the forest trail. Wind around until you hit the stairs to go down to Zolodi Golgotha B. Follow the rooms to the top of the map, where Dodger is waiting to see you. “How come you know I’m here? I’ve hide myself very well, how could you find me? I’ll be in the remains of Altonia Ruins.” [200 exp]

A:TONIA RUINS B (Instance) – Get to Altonia ruins, by using the ‘Altonia Mountain A’ exit of Altonia, which is above the Abyss (REALLY big wolf in Altonia). Pass the golems and take the north exit into Altonia Ruins. Follow the rooms to the top left and go into the instance. Go up from the entrance and make a right when you get to the summon n’aix. “Who are you? How did you find me?” “I feel unsafe, how can you find me in such a hidden place?” “You will see me in eastland.” [200exp]

DIVINE ISLAND (Instance) – This next part requires either you or someone leading you to be at least level 40. Start in Nine Dragons; you can use the horse cart in an empire to get there. From there, go left and down past Environs of Nine Dragons, and through Cherry Lake to Reed Ferry. Speak with Little Lotus who will tell you about the Castle in the Air. Make your way through this map to the next Castle In the Air Map. Here you will see Elder Ran. Speak to him to get a Portal of Divine Island Instance scroll. You should see him right away when you use the scroll. “Where will you be next?” “Possibly Divine Lake.” [200 exp]

MOON RIVER CAVE – Head to the empire and use the horse buggy to get to Moon River Village. Once there, use the portal to the top of the village and head into the Moon River Cave. Make your way to the back of the cave where you will find the next Colin. “It’s terrible. Why would someone do this? I might appear in doom forest of Nordic next.” [200 exp]

EAST OF DOOM FOREST – Now off to doom forest. Use the empire horse buggy to go to Altonia B. From there, head left to Altonia A, then west of Doom forest. Keep going on to the next map, which is East of Doom Forest. Dodger Colin will be right there next to the portal. “I don’t want to talk to you, how can you always find me?” Next me? Perhaps in the Nightmare Village?” [200 exp]

NIGHTMARE TOWER – The best way to get to Nightmare village is to teleport using the world map. If you don’t have teleport scrolls, it’s a nice hike. Make your way back to Altonia B. Take the following teleports from Altonia B: Altonia Mountain B, Carmi, West of Carmi(Top left exit of Carmi), Soff bog A, Soff Bog B, Kuy Corridor (the right exit of Soff Bog B), Kuy Ruins(long walk around the corridor), and finally Nightmare Tower. Once you’re here, Dodger Colin will be on the top right part of the map. “This is truly surprising, I will be in Nightmare Plain next, go and find me. I’ll be waiting.” [200 exp]

NIGHTMARE PLAIN – Nightmare Plain is the exit just south of where you are now. Take it and head down until you’re between two sets of stairs. Follow the path between them and you will eventually see Dodger Colin. Do not take either set of stairs. “”It’s my fate, I respect your patience. I’ll be in Dragon Palace.” [200 exp]

DEPTH OF DRAGON PALACE – The dragon palace is two maps above you now. Head back through Nightmare Tower, and take the top exit to Dragon Palace. Make your way over to Frey. You will need to complete all of her quests and unlock the seal to access the floor Dodger Colin is on. Once Frey unlocks the seal, head down and you will find Dodger Colin near Osiris. “It’s not easy to get here, I will wait for you in Altonia.” [200 exp]

ALTONIA B – The hard part is over now. Head back to Altonia and find the last Dodger Colin. He can be found in Altonia B by the exit portal to Altonia Mountain B. “Hi Tourist. You’re finally here? You want the ultimate power? Then defeat me!” An easy method I used was to put him in chaos. After you defeat him talk to him again. “You’re not scared by the shock wave. I envy you.” [10,000 exp]

Hope this helps, thanks for playing!

- Becka



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i kill bloody armenti many times i cant seem to get the bloody armenti shadow come out...

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