Rhastar2's Moon River Instance Guide

Rhastar2's Moon River Guide, Moon River Instance, Empire Online

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Moon River Cave Instance

Rhastar2's Moon River Guide

The Moon River Instance is an excellent source of exp. once you reach the higher levels (35+), and especially once you can solo on your own - however... it shouldn't be too hard to find a group or some help!

Moon River Quest Chain..

First Quest

Kill 50 of Each creature.  These mobs run all over the first floor, so you don't have to look too far.  These mosters are 'Elites'.




Reward: 10,000 exp.

Second Quest... Stuff for Breaking Barrier.

Kill the 3 mini-bosses on the first floor of the Moon River instance.

Item: 'Sider Mage Leader's Dust' 0/1

Item: 'Spider Beserker's Pin' 0/1

Item: 'King of Black Spider's Silk Bag' 0/1

Reward: 10,000 exp.

Third Quest... Purify the Goddess Statue (Daily)

For the third quest you must venture down to the second floor in order to find the 3 statues you need to Purify.  Each Statue is home to an evil villain, so you must go up to the statue... break it... fight the villan... turn in the statue quest.  You must do this for each one! 

Target: 'Purify the Satue (Daily)' x3

Reweard: 12,000  (2,000 x 3 quests = 6,000 + 6,000 Final Reward.)

Fourth Quest... Clean up Minotaur Guardians

Find these baddies on the second floor of the instance.  The Spectres are the mobs running around the floor.  The guardian stands still near where you encounter the Jade Dragon if you have a strong enough group to complete the last quest.

Target: 'Minotaur Guardian' 0/1

Monster 'Spectre' 0/40

...after this you can talk to her again and she will award you with an additional 20,000 experience, which is some really nice icing on the cake!  If you have a strong enough group, you can tackle the final boss and upon completion of the quest - you get an EPIC REWARD! I don't want to spoil everything so


  • Moon River is a great source of experience!  The speed at which you complete the instance gets faster as you increase in levels and power
  • You can port back to Moon River via the option in your 'Quest Journal'.  Save 50 silver and use this in case you have to repair or leave for town!

Empire Online Serpent Boss


0 #3 RE: Rhastar2's Moon River Guide, Moon River Instance, Empire OnlineShupaah 2013-06-16 09:51
See forum for reference how to enter this instance and how to get your free daily scroll.
0 #2 RE: Rhastar2's Moon River Guide, Moon River Instance, Empire Onlinepandegoy 2013-06-16 07:45
how do you start this instance? I went to instance teleporters and the npc said that i need to finish chun li's quest? but i don't know where it is. please help! thanks.
+1 #1 RE: Rhastar2's Moon River Guide, Moon River Instance, Empire OnlineDinami 2012-10-11 04:19
I was told that you get one free scroll a day by going to the statue in moon river cave, but I only see the buy scrolls option. Is this a false rumor I heard? Or is there a certain way to get my one free scroll a day?

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