Zolodi Golgatha, Empire Online Daily Instance Guide

Zolodi Golgatha, Empire Online, Lakoo Games

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Zolodi Golgatha

Zolodi Golgatha - Say that five times fast.

In order to get to Zolodi Golgatha, you must use a scroll which teleports you and your group inside the instance. You can get this scroll from Maludia in Altonia B. The scroll costs silver if you end up wasting your original ones.

QUESTS given by Frey

  • KILL UNDEADS - Kill Monster 'Skeleton Mage (Elite)' 0/30
  • Secret Charms of Zolodi - Target Item 'Secret Amulet of Zolodi' 0/1
    • to be continued...


  • You get TWO FREE SCROLLS DAILY, which well Teleport you inside the instance.
  • The quest Secret Charms of Zolodi will let you TELEPORT TO THE INSTANCE FOR FREE via the NPC option as long as you have this quest.
  • The monsters inside are ELITE, so make sure you are either A) Strong enough to solo -or- B) Have a solid group to tackle the instance. 
    • For reference, a group of 2 level 35 players would have a semi-difficult time, but would be able to pull it off with a LOT of effort and recovery items after battle.

Earn up to 35,000 exp./day by completing the quests in the Zolodi Golgatha Instace!

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