[Event] Valentine's Day 2012, Empire Online

Written by Rhastar2.


Lv20 Valentine's Day mission!


I would like to make some love potions to help bring people together, but I'm missing a few things. Can you help me get them? I need 10 red, blue and purple roses.

You have a chance to get roses from Lv20-35 monsters.


Romantic love chest -- you have a chance to get permanent rose weapons/fashion suit.

  • Bouquet Of Roses
  • Rose Knight Shield
  • Bouquet Of Roses (1 Day)
  • Rose Knight Shield (1 Day)
  • A Pair Of Wedding Rings
  • Teleport Gem
  • Gem Chest
  • Lovers Fashion (Lady)
  • Lovers Fashion (Man)
  • Lovers Fashion (Lady) (10 Days)
  • Lovers Fashion (Man) (10 Days)

★Wedding Ceremony★

You will have a  wedding ceremony in church


Our little church has been busy with all the weddings happening on Valentine's Day, but if you like we can help with yours too. Just let me know. I would be delighted to help.

Cupid's Wedding Shop:

Western and eastern wedding dresses are available now! You can be the coolest couples!