Fists of Speed [KungFu Fighter]

Written by Chronz.


KungFu Fighter Guide

First off, the tittle says it all, a barehanded kff with speed. This can be very usefull in instances where you must be sure to hit first. This requires you to pump most of your points and sp in agi skills and stats. You must wonder, what if my hit is terrible? Believe or not, agi does give melee.

Here are some skills you should have:


  • *Braveheart lv20
  • *Spirit Of Moon lv20 ( Agi kff's weak point is low mp)


You should have the Sun/Moon spirit combo for auto- skills


  • **Dragon Striker Lv21** Why lv21? Because the skill hit is very high and you want to be sure to hit everytime.
  • *Eagle's Eye lv20
  • *Weapon Master lv20


The rest of your skills should all have to do with Agi and Attack Speed.


Before lv45, just wear whatever you can find. After? Wear the Ares Suit. You should also have a Unicorn. Once you hit Lv55, go for the full Ms equipment. This will rprovide good dodge and physical hit.

Benefits of this build?

Gives you the opportunity to start first in battle.

Cons of this build?

The hit may be a little lower than expected. That is why you must make sure you have alot of hp in order to be resistant.

**Another Personal Touch**

Kratos shield will help you be resistant in battle. If you can not afford it, go for the ares shield, good hp and melee stats.



This guide was written by Chronz.

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