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The unique class of the Eastland, they are exceptionally quick and agile. They love to acquire new kung-fu skills and perform good deeds all over the continent. They are willing to take any roles in a team and they never disappoint their companions.

Starting Stat:

STR: 4
CON: 2
DEX: 7
AGI: 5
INT: 1
WIL: 1


Kung Fu fighters are powerful warriors who can choose one of three ways to damage their opponent.  Fists, Swords and/or Sabres.  It is recommended you pick one focus in so your character can deal the most damage possible and be effective.  The Kung Fu class is quite popular throughout the land for their fierce will, power, and ability to subdue opponents.

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+2 #1 RE: KungFu - Skill Database - Empire OnlineZenon 2011-12-07 08:14
Add these stuff to your wiki.
From lv12 kff institute that I learnt for my sword kff

Lv21 windwalker 43 agi and 43 dex
Lv21 swordplay 60% sword passive and 25 physical hit
Lv21 crescent slash 450 sword dmg and 41 skill hit

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