Raffle - Short Delay

Written by Rhastar2.

power outage

Due to a power outage last night the start of the raffle was delayed.

Stay tuned for more details coming later today!

-Empire Junkies Staff


Looking for Reporters

Empire Junkies is looking for 'News reporters' or anyone interested in sharing relevant news, information, etc. on the front page of Empire Junkies much like I am now to keep things as fresh as possible!  Please contact or make a forum post.  - Rhastar2

Empire Junkies Gold Coin Raffle - Empire Online

Written by Rhastar2.

Gold Coins

Got Gold?

Tomorrow will mark the start of Empire Junkies Gold Coin Raffle!

The current prize payout is over 1200GC with the amount steadily rising over the week.

So far the amount will pay out to 3 places with the potential for more depending on the final prize pool.

So far, I'd like to thank RyuFang for his awesome contribution of 500gold coins.  Don't forget to check out Empire Online's ULTIMATE HEALER RESOURCE at Ultimate Healers Guide by RyuFanghttp://eolife.shivtr.com/

To contribute please contact Rhastar2 or reply here.

Updates and Incomings

  • Artficier Skill Pages going live shortly courtesy of Fiorea
  • Enchanting and Alchemy information courtesy of VRmonk
  • New Quests and walkthroughs coming
  • A new forum will be created for the Bosnia server.
  • If anyone else has another forum request or suggestions, please reply or contact me.


Empire Online Update 3.2

Written by Rhastar2.


Empire Online 3.2 has been released along with level 62!  If you thought you were done grinding, then YOU WERE WRONG! Pet Fusion has been released along with some bug fixes etc.  Let us know what you think of the update, and the other class databases will be up asap!

Make sure to check out some the first builds in the builds database!

Empire Junkies 1 Year Anniversary Raffle

With the release of 3.2 the Empire Junkies raffle will be starting this week!  Stay tuned for more information! Please refer to earlier news posts for more information on entering and contributing!

Pet Fusion

Discuss Pets, fusion and anything else on the forum!  Please upload your screen shots or share information of any new pets you discover, create and/or find!


Anything Pets in Empire Online


3.2 Events List

Event Time: From August 1, when we launch the new server Bosnia.

Events for Bosnia, our coming new server!

Lots of gifts: After Level 5, you will win lots of gifts for each level!

Thor Suit (15 Days)*1: If you rate our game 5 Stars by following prompts in game, you can win Thor Suit (15 Days)*1..

100 Silver Coins: When you are Level 10, an extra 100 Silver Coins gift will be rewarded!

Free mount: You can get a free mount by clicking Facebook Girl through our "Like our Facebook Page and get rewards!" to Like us! You can find the gift in your in-game System Mail.

Events for Arcadia and Bosnia!

Levelup Event

The first Level 62 character of each class will get 500 Gold Coins as rewards.

Online Rewards

You will get Scroll of Chance*1 every day when you stay online for 1 hour. 

1.6* EXP Time

For three days during the event period, there will be 1 random hour for 1.6* EXP each day.


Builds Database - Help create the ultimate EO resource!

Written by Rhastar2.

KFF, Kung Fu Fighter, Empire Online

Kung Fu BuildsBuilds Database

Warrior, Empire Online, Lakoo

WarriorBuilds Database

M@RTY and Lucky88

Shaman, Empire Online

ShamanBuilds Database

winBOT and Nuby2

Wizard, Empire Online

WizardBuilds Database

Dragonis and Rhastar2

Help Empire Junkies, get involved with the BUILDS DB!

Empire Junkies has released all but two builds databases, which are coming within the next 24 hours.  As you can see, we need builds and class specific guides to fill these pages up with.

How can I share a build or a guide?

  1. Post it on the forum and request an Author post it to the appropriate section
  2. Become an Author and share the guide yourself
  3. You can also share an old build or guide from another website or Lakoo's forum.
  4. Major contributors will also be recognized by becoming part of their classes' builds database banner!
In the future prizes and rewards will be made available to important contributors, those with the best guides and more!  Please contact in game or on reply for questions!
I hope you like the graphics I made!

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Empire Spotlight

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