Daily Reward Quests! A little less grinding....

Written by Rhastar2.


empire online dailys

Empire Online by Lakoo releases new Daily Quest feature!

People have been buzzing, talking about the newest feature to be released in Empire Online! To access these quests, hit the scroll and click on the daily tab to the right of the tab where all of your current active quests are displayed.  Completing these quests give various levels of experience rewards.  This is a great way to level and something that new players should take advantage of right away to start gaining some more levels!  Grinding can be painful and this made it a little easier!  Now is the perfect time to level that alt on the side!

daily quests

Experience rewards range from ~22,000 to ~57000 and each category has ~2-4 quests!  This means that there's a lot of exp to be had!

What do you think of the new feature?

Chinese New Year Update Preview

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chinese new year

Chinese New Year, Empire Online

Are you ready for the Chinese New Year in Empire Online? Lakoo has released a few sneak peakes, and If you have checked Lakoo's website or are a fan of their Facebook, then you will see that they've shared some screenshots of the new event!  We are eagerly awaiting the news of what's next to come, and everyone is eagerly anticipating what new items are going to come up this time around!

Check out the Empire Online New Year Update Preview

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Pet Merge Skills. Master List and More...

Written by Rhastar2.

Now available, courtesy of the amazing Shupaah, is the original version of the complete Empire Online pet merge skill list.  This list include melee, range, and magic pet skills available in passive, auto, and active format. The pet merging feature was released in Empire Online update 3.1. You can find each of these lists, as well as a copy of the master list (melee, range, magic), on Empire Junkies to check out whenever you need help or guidance.  Please help us keep our lists updated by helping us add to it, and sending in skills we don't have! Check it out..!

Empire Online - Pet Merge Skill Lists

Coming Soon... Official EJ Pet Merging Guide and more!

If you would like to contribute to EJ then please contact us via the contact form, or in game at Rhastar2 (Arcadia) or RhastarX (Bosnia).  I look forward to hearing from you.  Thanks.

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