Empire Online update 3.2.1 - 10/08/2012

Written by Rhastar2.

empire online 3.2.1 update

It's time to once again for another Empire Online update!  If you opened your AppStore this morning, you might notice Empire Online with a new icon next to its name as well as some features that were included with the most recent update.  I personally am a fan of the old icon more, but that's merely an opinion and thankfully has no affect on the gameplay whatsoever.

Empire Online 3.2.1 - Update Time!

Want to know what was added with version 3.2.1? Read below for an exact word for word copy of the update information.


  • Coins will be in your character directly. You don't have to collect them from your system mails anymore.
  • New icon
  • New instances: Moon Palace
  • Multiple new items & pets
  • Fast recharge function
  • new player missions improvement
  • UI improve
  • Bug fix
Let us know how you like the update in the comments!
See you in Empire Online!


Updates Incoming!

Written by Rhastar2.

empire online

Things have been a little slow here recently, but that's about to change.

Empire Junkies will be back with plenty of news, updates, guides, quests, builds and more...

Stay Tuned....

Tomorrow - Meme Contest Voting Begins!

Alchemy and Enchanting

Written by Rhastar2.

Alchemy and Enchanting in Empire online by Lakoo

Thanks to VRmonk, Empire Junkies now has a list of both Basic and Advanced Alchemy materials as well as the list of Enchantments and items that can be Enchanted.  Alchemy and Enchanting has become an integral part of the game and character development with the release of Emire Online 3.2. If you're looking at what you need to take your character to the next level, then you found the right place!

More to come soon!







Empire Online MEME Contest

Written by EmpireJunkies - News.

empire online meme

If you got LOLz - then enter the Empire Junkies - Empire Online - MeMe Contest!

The original Empire Online memes were started by Chronz at this thread.  Last month, Empire Junkies wanted to bring some more laughs to the site so we started another Meme contest.  I have a feeling if we keep this up, then the humor and memes will keep getting better and better, cause lets face it... we got all kinds of content to work with.

Make Memes online here at icanhascheezburger's LOLBUILDER. Make sure to save the image and either upload it to the board or link it from a permanent place!

The contest has another 7-10 days or so, so enter on the official Meme thread HERE, but feel free to add it to the permamnent meme thread as well!!!

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