Winners Announced! Empire Junkies 1 Yr Anniversary Raffle

Written by Rhastar2.

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Empire Junkies is happy to announce the winners to our 1 Year Anniversary Raffle 1,500GC aka Gold Coin raffle!  This raffle was for a total of 1,500 Gold Coins making it our highest paying raffle yet.  This was due to the contributions of RyuFang and myself, and hopefully if we can get more contributions in the future - our raffles will be even larger!  Without further a due... I give you the winners...

Empire Junkies 1 Year Anniversary Raffle Winners

First Place - Lelou - 1100 GC

Second Place - PwNuMaD - 300 GC

Third Place - Serious - 100 GC

Please contact Rhastar2 in game via mail or pm to verify your wins and get your reward!  Thank you to everyone who played and made this raffle so much fun. DON'T FORGET that this site is able to stay alive through people clicking on our ads and donations!  Please click an ad once a day to help pay for the servers and to keep this site alive!

Empire Junkies Meme Contest

Our Meme Contest is currently running and the winner will be given a prize of over 100GC+!  The winners will be voted upon the the general public.  The subject is Empire Online and Lakoo!


Raffle Entry Over!

Written by Rhastar2.

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Any entries received after this point DO NOT COUNT!  A small window of grace will be added, but if you are an hour late - don't expect to get an entry!

WHO WON?! aka When are the winners announced?

The winner will be announced sometime tomorrow (9/1) on the front page of Empire Junkies! The winners will receive their gold via the mail system.  Players will have to contact Rhastar2 in game via Player Mail in order to confirm there character and allow me to reply incase your name is too crazy!

Thanks for your time and patience. Good luck to the winners (3 places)!

I'd also like to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to RyuFang the Shaman aka the comic master.  Check out the ULTIMATE HEALER'S GUIDE to up your game, or learn some more about a class you might not know much about.  It will improve your game across the board!

What's next?

  • Check out Empire Junkies MEME Contest!
  • Another Gold Coin raffle is in store for the future! (Hopefully with a bigger payout!)
  • Lots of awesome site updates!

Raffle Update!

Written by Rhastar2.

Gold coin raffle

Empire Junkies 1 Year Anniversary Gold Raffle

1500 GC+ in Prizes!

Ladies and Gentlemen! Attention plz

The raffle will officially end Friday at 11:59PM PST and the winners will be announced thereafter!  There will be one additional chance to gain entry in the raffle, which will be announced shortly.

Liek OMG! What happened bro?

Well... thanks for asking!  The other week my iPhone completely shattered.  I gave it to some local dude to repair my screen, and after he gave it back to me with a nice new front and back free of cracks problems started happening.  At first, i noticed it sounded like a bee was buzzing whenever someone was talking... next, the volume for ringer and one of my favorite functions, speakerphone, was not working either.  To top if off, it wouldn't take a charge.  I had to order a new phone from Verizon and now I am going to have two iPhones, which means a 3rd character to play like I was looking for...?!  Maybe... but it did mean a delay in the raffle, so I will announce the winner first thing Sat

Empire Junkies Meme Contest

The best Meme wins at least 100GC!

You can create Meme's with a meme generator, paint or whatever and either 1) Upload them to Forum or 2) Link image in forum


Empire Junkies Meme Contest - Round 1

Written by Rhastar2.

lakoo meme

A while ago Chronz started a forum thread with some entertaining Empire Online related Meme's. (  Each month, the person with the best Meme will win at least 100 GC. I'd love to be able to post at least one or two on the news feed or facebook every week if we get some quality ones.  For reference check out the forum thread!

Empire Junkies Meme Contest - Round 1

This round will end Sunday, September 16th.  To enter, simply make a meme and post it in the forum thread for each round.

Enter Here! (

This round is Meme's related to anything and everything Empire Online and Lakoo!  It can range from events, to items, to the Lakoo forums.  Doesn't matter!  Hopefully this will turn out really fun!

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Coming soon!

Empire Spotlight

Coming back soon!

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