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Written by Rhastar2.

RyuFang's Comic

Pet Fusion! Meet Marie and Mr. Stab!

What's up Junkies!  I am recovering from a shattered iPhone and hope to be back in game with you all soon!  In the mean time, here are two more awesome comics by Empire Junkies renown comic creator RyuFang aka the next ! Each of these comics comes with an entertaining back story, which is just as fun as the comic. Follow the links below to go to the individual comic forum pages, and they can later be viewed on RyuFang's insite comic feed when it get's updated.

Bosnia Server, Empire Online


Oh, you play Bosnia?

Raffle Update

Written by Rhastar2.

Due to my iPhone getting shattered, updates (as you can tell) have been a little slow.  However, I have some good news and updates coming for you all!

  • Raffle increased to 1,500 GC Payout, with amount expected to increase
  • Alchemy and Enchant charts and tables to be moved from forum to a 'hard copy' courtesy of VRMonk
  • In case you missed it, Artificer skills are up! Please post in the Arti forum if you have skill updates that we can add to the site.  (This includes every class!)
  • News and Updates coming soon!
  • The raffle will end next week, and an additional chance to gain another entry will be made available soon!

Got GC?

Written by Rhastar2.

...please read the insturctions located in the OFFICIAL forum thread....



This image may make no sense depending on the device and/or computer you are using.  If it doesn't work, just check the forums.

Empire Junkies Raffle! OPENS TODAY!

Written by Rhastar2.

Gold Coin Raffle, Empire Junkies

Empire Junkies! Gold Coins are Coming!

Welcome to the official raffle for Empire Junkies 1 Year Anniversary! Hopefully all these pictures of gold held you over long enough until the real raffle was released.  I was fortunate enough to have my INTERNET OFFLINE this entire weekend, which is why we didn't get started on Friday.  In order to enter, you will need to reply to our official forum thread that will be released sometime before 8/14/12 12am EST.  For some reason my browser's keyboard decided to start Auto-Correcting every word to Spanish, so I am gonna wrap this up!


To contribute, please contact Rhastar2 or use Empire Junkies' contact form.  Generous contributors will be given a feature on Empire Junkies (Empire, Web site, Guide, Advertising, Selling list, etc.).


Our current raffle is going to payout to 3 prize winners with the potential to increase depending on the amount of incoming contributions to the overall.

How to Enter

In order to participate in this raffle you must meet a few criteria..

  • Have a character in Empire Online

  • Have an account with Empire Junkies

  • Enter the raffle by replying ONCE to the raffle thread in the forums.

    • Reply to the post with the following.... Username – Server

    At least one additional way to gain a raffle entry will be made available.

Make sure to READ AND FOLLOW all Instructions in order to be eligible!

The prizes are only available to players on the ALTONIA server.

Coming Soon...

Coming soon!

Empire Spotlight

Coming back soon!

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