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Godwin's Law

Written by Rhastar2.

This is the latest comic installment for RyuFang's Birthday Series!

for those unfamiliar with the "Viagra thing" look here
RyuFang, Katia, and what appears to be an angry mob of poorly dressed people.

rant later

A Poor Meal Plan

Written by Rhastar2.


Technicly her food IS low in fat and part of a balenced meal for any budding pet.
RyuFang, Marie, Rathalos (light purple), Rathian(green), Cinder(dark purple)

Well i tried not to do two pet comics in a row, but this was an easy one that I could release while i worked on some bigger ones. srry its far from perfect, I seem to have gotten a bit rusty at my art.

This comic is pretty straightforeward. For some strange reason I have a feeling that most maids (and fairies) would have a slight problem with eating the same kibble we are feeding our dogs, and dragons. Unfortunately for her, the great gods of EO apparently decided that maids should learn to like the taste of dog food. And yeah i get it, its better this way so they dont have to make specific food per pet, and I wouldn't want them to change it (but Marie might...) On a related note, who here is freaking sick of the taste of hamburgers?

Btw if you want to know a bit about my dragons for future reference here (put in a spoiler cause ik this rp thing annoys some ppl):

:pinch: Warning: Spoiler!

Well heres that bonus I promised per comic; today we have a meme I made.

Reply: what kind of bonuses to these birthday comics do you guys wanna see in the future.


Mountain Titan - Bonus Comic

Written by Rhastar2.

Mountain Titan, Empire ONline

Mountain Titan, an Endangered Species... that's going bald?!


...we review the damage done to the mountain titan. This poor being has been hunted to near extinction for its hair due to the whims of a madman on a sword. When Mr. Peng Meng was questioned as to why he has ordered such a bizzare request he simply replied, "Well I cant make a fur coat out of abyss fur any more now can I?"

Yes ik its like 5 days after I said I'd do this. The reason for that is that my evil clone and I had an epic battle for control over the universe. He won. Okay if you haven't realized by now, that orange head is the mountain titan. Why is he bald? Well that tends to be what happens when everyone and their mother comes daily to rip a fistfull of ur hair off ur face. Its no small wonder the titan tries to eat us, I would too if people repeatedly beat the orange off me to satisy whatever weird fetish that Peng guy has. And don't you tell me hes not a freak. The man wants us to give him large clumps of hair off some giant smelly orange person (with horns). Now you may say that the hair is proof you killed the titan, but I know for a fact that people dont need to kill a guy to rip out a few locks off them and run. If I didn't have some sort of jealousy over the size of his horns I might feel bad for the poor titan. Unfortunately for the titan, we gamers will pander to whatever strange freaks want from us so long as they keep giving us cool loot. Keep up the mountain titan genocide people, and lets all hope peng meng never finds that he has enough mountain titan hairs.


take a guess as to who the person standing next to Rhastar is, if you are the first to mail me the correct answer INGAME (dont do it on forum) and ill give you 25 gc for free


Ultimate Healer Guide for Empire Online

Written by Rhastar2.

RyuFang not only publishes a comic for Empire Online, but he is also the creator and mind behind Empire Online's Ultimate Healer's Guide!

Got Heals? - http://eolife.shivtr.com/

This guide is a great resource for players to refine their skills and learn some knowledge to improve their gaming.  Even if you aren't a healer, it would benefit you to go through this site and learn about healers because increasing your overall knowledge will bring a great advantage to your play style.

...and don't forget to do everyone a favor when you see a bad healer and send them to this site.  Knowledge is power, Ignorance is WIPE!


Piña Colada - Episode 2

Written by Rhastar2.

Empire Online Comic, Pina Colada

Piña Colada - Episode 2

This comic may look like its designed to poke fun at the poor guys who help others grind. It's not. The real thing that concerns me is how people like me gain experience from grinding like this. I mean honestly I don't do ANYTHING but hold up a shield, and wait till the strong man with the sword tells me the bad piggies are gone. If I brought all the boars I pesonaly had killed back to life to star in a play, I wouldn't have enough do the three little pigs! And I guess I get it, my character is supposedly learning how to be stronger by watching the others fight or something like that right? But wait, how does learning 1001+ ways to slaughter a pig teach me how to become a better healer? Am I using ham to heal? Or is the secret to life actualy bacon? Am I reading too far into this? Possibly. Or is grinding a simple way for free to play mmos to make tons of cash on exp scrolls by copping out on real quests and putting repetitive slaughter in its place? Probably. Whatever the case, in the end grinding doesn't need to make sense, it just has to work. Oh well, I managed to get this comic in on time, and I'm happy. I'll be back tommorrow with some stuff on mountain titan.

Get involved - REPLY

Oh and I'm gonna start doing this thing called "reply" that will basicly be a question that I want answered by the readers. Depending on your answer I may draw another picture, give gc, or whatever I feel like. Its just a way to get people involved a little more, if you don't like that idea or something about how I do these comic just tell me.

Reply: If all the players together kill at least 100 boars a minute, why do you think there is always more to fight?

Use creativity (I'll have a better "'reply" on the next comic)