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The Nordic is proud of a having an army of wizards. Wizards mainly use magic to aid daily living as well as their fighting style, they hate to fight in close combat and are specialized in magic attacks from a distance. Using magic skills to deal special damage or causing negative status to enemies.


You don't see a lot of Wizards wandering throughout the land, but that's not to say they aren't awesome.  I (Rhastar2) am a Wizard and love the class.  Your skills are very important because you can't take a lot of damage.  You need to be fast so you can get to your foes before they get to you!  Pay attention to good speed so you can get your hits off first, which can be the difference between life and death!

Magic missile is a very useful direct damage spell, that you can use throughout the game.  Burning Hands is your first useful AoE spell, which targets four usefuls and will be a vital tool as you progress throughout the game.  Stay tuned for more useful guides, or if you have questions hit me up in game!  Check out the ULTIMATE WIZARD RESOURCES for an insider look at how to up your game.

Empire Junkies Pro Tips

If you want to be successful as a Wizard, you are going to have to be prepared to be able to fund your NEED of level 20 skills because quite frankly, being a Wizard running around with level 10 skills will get you no where but killed.  If you want to be a serious Wizard and kick @$$, you are going to need a lot of Silver.  The easiest way is to purchase it instead of trading out gold, which in my opinion is much more valuable than silver.  You are going to need to max certain skills to level 20 in order to succeed as a Wizard.  You need to attack first and be able to dish out enough damage that you are only fighting for one or two rounds.  This is VERY possible, as at level 45 - I, Rhastar2, am seriously kicking ass and hitting for over 4k - which kills the boars in Peach Valley in one hit.  To sum it all up... Wizards are expensive and to succeed you will need silver.  Be prepared to spend some money!

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